Strength Exercises

Straightforward and accessible strength exercises that can be easily incorporated into your home routine to promote both your health and mobility.

Whether you've taken a break from exercise or are just starting, these gentle exercises are straightforward to follow.

Prepare Your Space

To get started with chair-based strength exercises, you'll need a stable chair that doesn't have wheels and won't slip on the surface it's placed on. Ensure that you can comfortably sit with your feet flat on the floor and your knees bent at right angles. Chairs with armrests should be avoided as they may limit your range of motion.

Dress Comfortably and Stay Hydrated

Choose loose, comfortable clothing that allows for freedom of movement. Keep a bottle of water within reach to stay well-hydrated during your exercise session.

Gradual Progression

Remember that progress is achieved through gradual increments. Begin with a manageable number of repetitions for each exercise, and as you become more comfortable, aim to incrementally increase the repetitions over time.

Consistency Matters

For the most effective results, incorporate these strength exercises into your routine on a regular basis. Consistency is key to improving your overall health, mobility, and strength.

By incorporating these gentle strength exercises into your day, you're actively enhancing your health and mobility. These exercises can be tailored to suit your fitness level, ensuring that you can safely and comfortably enjoy the benefits of regular physical activity.

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